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Changes in senior management of the Codelco operating divisions

After days of waiting, the Corporation announced on Tuesday changes that will take the company to the executive level. Through an essential fact, Codelco’s board led by Oscar Landerretche, endorsed the Nelson Pizzarro’s…

Trabajadores de Codelco critican capitalización de la minera

Ministry of Mining and CTC seek to define guidelines for training

The project would involve both contractor workers as well as subcontractors. Aurora Williams, the Minister of Mining met with the Confederation of Copper Workers’s President (CTC), Manuel Ahumada, the CTC’s National Director, Miguel…


Energy costs up 20% in September despite largest hydroelectric contribution

The item was at an average of $ 88.5 per MWh, compared to $ 73.7 per MWh reached last August. The major contribution of hydroelectric generation in the matrix failed to contain the…


IDB would finance Hydro projects for 250 MW

Institution dismissed criticism for funding participation in Alto Maipo. Financing renewable energy projects both conventional as conventionally will be the focus of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in the coming years in Chile….


Pascua Lama makes allegations after two months of postponement

Judges Rubén Ballesteros, Haroldo Brito, Rosa Egnem, Andrea Munoz and Carlos Cerda, constitute the hall of the Supreme. After two months of delays, finally yesterday in the Third Hall of the Supreme Court…

Endesa y Origin se disputan el 50% de GasAtacama

Government plans setting rates in the gas industry

According to the draft bill, the fees will be calculated by the CNE and fixed by the ministry every four years. On Friday morning, representatives of the natural gas distribution companies held a…

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Great mining delivers report with measures to unlock projects

The guild delivered a paper commissioned by BHP Billiton, which defines the areas where bureaucracy could be lowered. The Government seeks to accelerate $ 8,000 million in investment in this industry. “The ideal…

La demanda China de hierro bajaría y también precios del commodity

Iron at least in 5 years shows caution over CAP

Banchile Investments reiterated a cautious stance towards company stock, that falls more than 32% during the year. The price of iron is at its lowest level since September 2009 amid persistent concerns about…


Machinery imports fall 60% due to lower investment

As of September, purchases of these goods for mining and construction totaling $ 541 million. In order to reverse trend, from the private sector call to speed up processing project. Since mid-2013, the…


Green Taxes will collect $ 220 million for the country

After the President Bachelet’s speech at the Summit for Climate, the Environment Minister Paul Badenier reaffirmed measures such as soil recovery and generation of NCRE by 2025. The last time the Environment Minister,…

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