BHP Billiton will invest US$400 million in Kelar gas plant

21-Nov-2012 Diario Financiero – News

BHP has finally submitted the Environmental Impact Study for the Kelar plant change. The project originally consisted of installation and operation of two thermoelectric generation units with installed capacity of 500 MW designed to be driven with solid fuels (coal and/or petroleum-derived coke mixture) It would require a US$800 million investment.

On the other side, the new project – requiring US$400 million investment – includes construction and operation of a 540 MW rated combined-cycle plant that will be mainly fed with natural gas, as well as a 11 km gas pipeline to carry fuel from LNG facilities in Mejillones up to the plant.

BHP Billiton “decided to modify the Kelar project (…) in order to secure power supply to their operations in a cleaner and sustainable fashion”, some sources from the company said.

Besides, it was informed that the company is making an international call for bids for construction and operation of the energy plant.

The mining company expects the plant to start up early 2016.

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