Chinese Sky Solar to invest US$ 900 million in Chile for energy projects

26-June-2012 Diario Financiero – News

During official visit of Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, today the renewable energy company Sky Solar together with Sigdo Koppers and Bank of Development of China will sign a framework agreement for investment and construction of 300 MW photovoltaic power projects in Chile.

These projects will be developed during the next three years and involve US$ 900 million investment. Thus Sky Solar is becoming the Chinese company with highest investment in Chilean market.

In June 12, Gonzalo Matamala, Commercial Attaché of Chile in Beijing, had already anticipated the Chinese companies’ interest in participating in the Chilean energy matrix.

In that opportunity the Commercial Attaché stated that a number of Chinese companies delegations had requested information regarding energy projects that may be developed in the country mainly oriented to renewable energies and primarily on wind energy in which Chinese companies want to be world leaders.

Sky Solar will be the first to realize investments in the country; the company specializes in developing solar energy projects. They have already done so in Japan, Czech Republic, and Germany, amongst others.

The agreement signature ceremony will be attended by Alfredo Moreno, Foreign Affairs Minister; Lorena Sepúlveda, Temporary Director of ProChile; Matías Mori, Executive VP of Foreign Investments Committee; Amy Zhang, CEO of Sky Solar; Cristián Brinck, General Manager of Sigdo Koppers, and Guo Mingshe, Planning Supervisor of China Development Bank.

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